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The Sex Doll Marketplace

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Why do you sell dolls that are short/small?
Easy, weight and price.  The heavier the doll, the more material that is required to make the doll. More material means the product will be more expensive. We have scaled down versions to accommodate all needs and budgets. The short dolls also make storage much easier or those who have less space. Remember that these dolls & toys were designed to fulfill imaginations and fantasies .  We are in no way advertising, marketing, implying, or condoning any illegal sexual activity.

Any tips for first timers?
It is natural to be apprehensive while using a doll for the first time. Check out the detailed video included with each listing – it shows you how to bend and flex the doll, change positions, and much more.

Why don’t you stock inflatables?

While it might be a tad easier to just fold and store inflatables, they can’t provide the level of satisfaction or realism our customers are looking for. Its simple, we want to provide our customers with the most realistic sexual experience possible.
We want to feel the real.

Are your products durable?
Our dolls are long-lasting and provide contentment and pleasure even after continuous and regular use. To retain their longevity, you need to take good care of them – please visit our Doll Care section for more information on maintain your doll.

Are the products safe?
We use the best quality materials, mainly premium grade silicone and TPE, for delivering custom dolls as per your specifications. Both materials are durable, soft, and totally safe, so they don’t cause harm on coming in contact with skin and delicate parts of the body. Rest assured we don’t use hazardous ingredients or chemicals that cause harm, while enforcing rigid safety standards during manufacturing and production. We stand by our work and continue to improve, encouraged by your feedback and support.

How to place an order?
We have simplified the procedure a great deal. Browse through our collection of dolls to view the beautiful artistic pictures and read their descriptions. After you make up your mind, just click on the “Buy Now” button located below the product description and you are automatically redirected to a secure payment gateway for the transaction to be processed.

What is the different payment modes accepted?
Your convenience is what matters the most – we have options for multiple modes of payment such as Debit card, Credit card, Cashier’s Check, and so on.  Although it is not compulsory to have a PayPal account for shopping at Annie’s Doll House, we recommend you create one to make the transaction simpler as PayPal is a universal and secure payment gateway and it is beneficial to have an account for future use.

Are monetary transactions safe?
Yes, we have gone to great lengths and taken utmost precautions to guarantee that all monetary transactions routed through our website is 100% secure. Our SSL certificate is updated and protects against all kinds of violations.

Is client information confidential?
Absolutely! We understand that you have placed your trust and faith in us, which we will always uphold. Any details provided by you are stored securely in our database and no third party is allowed access to the information for targeting emails or marketing products. We take your privacy very seriously.

Are you discreet?
We realize it might be problematic if the contents are marked on the package, which is why we choose not to list the details at the time of delivery. Moreover, the purchase will appear under a business name on your bank statement, so that appropriate discretion is maintained. However, we do send an email, which is like an e-receipt stating we have received the order and it is being processed.

Can the dolls be sent as gifts?
Our dolls make excellent gifts for friends and you have a wide range to choose from too. However, there are some restrictions in certain states and countries that we need to comply with, so before you place the order, please get in touch with us so we can provide the necessary information.

How long does it take for the order to be completed?
Once the order is placed, we send the specifics to our production team and give them the green light to begin working on the doll. It usually takes about 5 to 7 days for your order to be finished to perfection.

What are your shipping charges? When is the order delivered?
We don’t charge any additional fee for deliveries within the United States – shipping is free of cost. In case you are situated outside the U.S., please contact us to know more about shipping rates. We don’t charge exorbitant amounts – the fees are nominal and don’t make much difference to the final bill. It takes about 5 to 7 days for an order to be delivered, but based on your location it might take longer. We do our best to adhere to stipulated deadlines, avoid delays, and ship your order as soon as possible.

Can the customer pay in installments?
Yes, through paypal credit. For more information please click the paypal credit button of the top right of the page. For all other payment plan options please email us.

Can you issue a refund? Is it possible to cancel an order?
Since we sell adult items, it is not possible to issue refunds or accept returns under any circumstances. As per our policy, we don’t accept cancellations after orders are processed and production is under way. However, if our team hasn’t begun work on your doll, the order can be voided in exchange for a certain percentage of the original amount you paid as “cancellation charges”.

Why is the price different of a similar doll (as listed here) on another webpage?
Our primary focus is on quality. Phony websites have sprung up all over the place that display pictures of sexy and attractive dolls at too-good-to-be-true rates, but the final product is of poor quality and looks nothing like the images featured. They are cheap knock-offs and it is too late by the time you realize the setup is fraudulent. It is important that the doll you purchase is made using high quality materials and not ordinary plastic or toxic chemicals – not only does it pose a risk to hygiene but to your health as well. These websites are notorious for using inferior components for manufacture so they can produce dolls at low costs and reap profits by extracting money from you. Beware of such traps!

Can the shipments be directed to a PO Box?
We use third party carriers for shipments, which is why it is not possible to deliver to a PO Box. However, there are arrangements where the carrier can detain your package at a nearby store or shipping hub and you can pick it up from there. We can provide the names of carriers associated with us so you can discuss alternate delivery options.